5 Smartphone Apps for best selfie

Best Selife Apps for your Smartphone

Selfie is undeniably one of the most popular thing these days and taking a good selfie is not an easy task to perform. With smartphones releasing these days targeted for selfies more than just a video chat and app store filling with junk load of editing apps, finding a good editing app can be a puzzling task for most of the selfie lovers. Editing is just not a task to splash colors but it is one of the ways of expressing your mood or even more than that.

Here are some of the best selfie apps for your smartphone that will help you step up your selfie game.


Retrica has been quite popular these days for selfie lovers who loves to edit their photos. Well, if you are a newcomer to the selfie world than you may not have had heard about Retrica. The ease of use, straightforward user interface and varieties of customization option makes Retrica a popular app for selfie lovers.

5 Best Selife Apps for your Smartphone

It features around hundreds of real-time filters which let you take a peek of the preview of your pic before you click it. Features like collage make Retrica quite fun to use, as well as you can share your collage pic directly to Facebook. What’s more of an interesting thing is that Retrica is Free (yes it is) to download.

Download: Android / iOS

YouCam Perfect

If you are tired of Retrica or you find it too simple to use, no worries because YouCam is here to save your day. If you want to take your selfie game to next level than the YouCam Perfect is a perfect choice for you. Unlike Retrica, YouCam Perfect not only let you add filters or basic customization but it lets you edit your beautification levels, smooth the wrinkles, shape to make your face slimmer, add blush and many more features that you would love to try. What’s interesting is that YouCam is not only limited to selfies but you can also slim your whole body or make yourself look like taller than you are.

You can also edit your video selfies and throw up some filters which can be useful for short Instagram videos. It’s more than fun to use this app for selfie lovers who loves to tweak. What’s good is that it is available to download for free.

Download: Android / iOS 


Well if you are taking the selfie just to show your beauty then you are absolutely doing it wrong. It’s just not about bright faces and messy filters, a selfie is meant to be taken to share your reactions alongside the environment you are living into. With the Frontback app, you can use your both front and back camera to click your image and clip it into one hell of an awesome image.

5 Best Selfie Apps for your Smartphone

That’s not the only thing that this app has to offer on the table. Users can write captions, put location tags and share it quickly to social medias. If you think that you have an awesome click then be sure to share the pic in their community so that it inspires other to do the same thing and most importantly let others know that selfie is more than just adding filters and brightening the face. Like the above-mentioned apps, Frontback is free to download on App Store and Play Store.

Download: Android / iOS 


If you are a selfie lover and is unknown about B612 than there’s no reason to panic that you have missed this app. B612 is gaining popularity slowly and is one of the neat featured editing apps. Like all the editing app features, B612 has the ability to add filters, collage the pictures as well as edit the pictures. It also has other interesting features like selfie video and selfie stick with a timer.

If you are not interested in apps with a lot of confusing options and prefer an editing app with minimal options than the B612 is a right choice for you. To give you a little more boost, it has won Red Dot “Best of the Best” 2015 Award (Google it, if you don’t know about it). It’s available for free to download.

Download: Android / iOS


Last but not the least, Facetune is a face tuning app for your selfie portrait. Facetune has the ability to edit your pictures and make it look like professional and exotic. If you are not used to tweaking options than you will find it a bit more confusing to use at first. Features like teeth whitening, blemish removal, eye color changing, makeup application make it a great option for users who are always seeking to tune the nature of their images.

The only bad thing it has is that it’s not available for free to download. The apps will cost you $3.16 on Play Store and $3.99 on the Apple App Store. But hey, you have a lot more options to choose from.

Download: Android / iOS



VSCO is an app loved by pro photographer with near to unlimited choices for editing your pics and a live community where you can share your perfect pictures. The app includes varieties of camera controls for editing, few of them, including brightness and contrast.

5 Best Selfie Apps for your Smartphone

That’s not where the app end if you feel like you could do more then the app also features advance options like shadow/highlights and structure. If you feel too limited then there’s always an option to purchase other effects through stores. You can share your pic through their community or browse through your content on app gird function.

Download: Android / iOS

Photoshop Fix

If you are a fan of Photoshop in PCs, I am sure you don’t need the introduction about this app. Photoshop Fix features all the essential features from its desktop version for your smartphone.

5 Best Selfie Apps for your Smartphone

From healing your skin or smoothing it to patching any blemishes, the Photoshop Fix brings all the retouching tools on your hands. Other noticeable and important features include options to adjust your color and defocusing the portion of your image. The only downside of this app is that it is available for iOS devices only, but not to worry as the app is expected to arrive on Android platform sooner or later.

Download: iOS

So guys what do you think about these apps, are you using any of them or are you thinking to use them from now on. We would also be happier to know if we have missed any apps. Just let us know in the comment box below.


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