How to prevent your phone’s battery from exploding

Prevent your phone's battery from exploding
One of the Galaxy Note 7 units that caught fire and exploded.

While the explosion of your phone’s battery is a rare case, we often hear some bad and unfortunate stories about it. Lithium-ion batteries rarely explode but when it does it catches fire as well as harms the users unknowingly. Once again the infamous Lithium-ion battery is in the limelight of media. While the smartphones from Samsung seldom creates such negative buzz, the company has been forced to pull out its latest iteration of Galaxy Note 7 which was reportedly shipped with defective batteries resulting in explosions.

The case of an explosion of Lithium-ion batteries doesn’t occur itself but is caused by various issues. The first one is a puncture which occurs when you drop your phone. The second one includes the short circuit which is the result of battery material breaking into thin pieces between cells causing swelling of the battery as well as an explosion. Sometimes using cheaper and knock off batteries can also lead to explosions.

As we mentioned the potential cause for the explosion of the batteries, we can now proceed to prevent your phone’s battery from exploding. Let’s get to the point and follow some of our general but important tips which can help you as well as your phone to survive from unknown catastrophe. Even though we’re by no means an expert, a provoked battery always shows some sign and symptoms before exploding, some common signs includes swelling, popping or even hissing sound from the battery.

  • Buy genuine chargers. Cheap and knock-off chargers will definitely save some bucks but the result it produces sometimes might get expensive for you. Be sure to use the charger included by the manufacturer in the box or buy a genuine charger if in case you need it separately. If your phone supports quick-charge or Type-C port then it’s important to stick with the genuine cable rather than opting in for cheap alternatives
  • Be caution when your phone gets too hot while charging. It’s normal if your phone gets hot while charging but it’s always a wise step to check your phone time to time. If you think that your phone is getting hot than usual, simply pull the charger out and let your phone cool down and be sure that you don’t cover your phone.
  • Don’t lay your phone on the bed while charging. It’s easy to get distracted by some interesting videos or e-books and fall asleep. But you definitely don’t want it to roll over on your bed or squeeze it inside your pillow while charging. Let the heat escape from the phone, especially on sunny days.
  • Be sure where you charge and leave your phone. While we need smartphones for our daily usage, forgetting it is as simple as to use it. Be sure not to leave your phone under direct sunlight, radiator and car dashboard while charging for a long period. I know you don’t want to make your phone a mini BOMB!

The above-mentioned tips are only for general purpose as well as for prevention. If in case you witness your phone’s battery showing some signs like swelling and popping quickly take the battery out of your phone(if it’s removable) or take it to your nearest service center or retailers from where you purchased the phone. An exploded phone sometimes can be entirely swapped out for a new one if it’s under warranty. Be sure to share this post with your loved ones.


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