Enable Google Pixel fingerprint scanner gestures on any phone

Enable Google Pixel fingerprint scanner gestures on any phone
Image Credit: The Guardian

Launched this month the Google Pixel was quick to grab the attention of most of the users due to the nifty feature it packs. One of those few features includes a fingerprint scanner gestures which allows users to program the gestures through fingerprint scanner for various purposes.

While the feature only came with few of the handpicked devices from Huawei(now from Google), you could now enable it on any smartphone, thanks to the XDA Developer ztc1997. Dubbed as Fingerprint Quick Action, the app can be used on any smartphone of your choice running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or above. The app almost makes full use of your fingerprint scanner and can be used to bring down the notification, use it as a home button and turn off the phone screen. In case you’re wondering the app doesn’t require root permission, however, you need root access to turn off your phone via fingerprint scanner.

For beginners, there’s an introduction video at the app thread which guides you through the setup process, however, it’s quite basic until unless the “unknown source” is ticked off in your phone’s setting. To view the thread and download the APK file of the app click here.


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