Super Mario Run arriving soon to Android devices

super mario run arriving soon to android

Android users who were desperately waiting for the Super Mario Run game can pretty much rejoice. Nintendo has heard your prayers and the game is already available on Play Store, although just for pre-registration. Despite it, we’re still not sure when the game will hit the Android devices.

Super Mario Run, the first game from Nintendo for mobile platform launched back earlier for iOS devices. Few days after the launch, the game stood up being the most downloaded game on the App Store — leapfrogging its another franchise — Pokemon Go. While users were allowed to download the game for free, the game, in reality, wasn’t free. Soon after realizing the $10 price tag for the game, users started to burst the review section with 1-star reviews.

The Android version of the game will probably follow the similar trait, including levels and pricing. Hopefully, the game won’t receive huge criticisms that it has been receiving from the Apple fan base since most of the users are pretty much clear about what to expect from the game.

Source: Android Police


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