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Started in 2014, Enepsters has been teaming up to provide you the news as well as gadget reviews. We aim at delivering up-to-date information on what’s trending and not trending. The news we are providing is increasing a lot of enthusiasm for those who are interested as well as start-ups in technology and gadgets. 

Currently, Enepsters is also venturing to provide Automobiles news of Nepal.

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Saksham Shrestha


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Saksham is a founding editor-in-chief of E-Nepsters. He co-founded E-Nepsters in 2014 with his the then tech buddy. A tech enthusiast by a young age, he has a knack for collecting the latest gadgets. Follow him on Twitter or Facebook for a fair share of tech talks!

Sandesh Rajbhandari

Co-Founder/Senior Editor

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Sandesh is a co-founder and Senior Editor of E-Nepsters. A mechanical engineer student by profession Sandesh is a tech lover and an unpretentious writer of the team.

Rajkumar Chaudhary

Senior Editor

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Rajkumar is a Senior Editor at E-Nepsters and has been a part of the website since ever since the early day. Being an IT student, he shows love towards gadgets and technology and power buttons in general.

Ravi Karn


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Ravi has been hooked on tech ever since he owned a Nokia 1100. He writes about Android phones, buying guides & more. Don't be surprised if you spot his analog 'watch' he is tech savvy for sure.

Pranish Saakha

Editor (Automobiles)

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An auto enthusiast, Pranish is an Editor at our Automobile section. Blogging and researching about Bikes and Cars, he fantasizes about riding the shiny new Lamborghini Aventador.

Sandeep Karkee

Content Writer

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Felt in love with gadgets when he broke his first Galaxy Nexus smartphone. An optimist in field of technology and a heavy Beer drinker. Mail him to meet him up and grab some free beers.

Raman Joshi

Content Writer

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Technology lover and a die hard fan of Liverpool F.C. Follow him on twitter to share some tweets with him.

Prajay Joshi

Junior Content Writer

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A Dota 2 fan and an enthusiastic gamer. You can follow Prajay Joshi on his Facebook account and chat some games.

Prabhat Karn

Junior Content Writer

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An IT student by profession and a heavy chit chatter. Prabhat is a Media Presenter and Junior Author at E-Nepsters.

Umesh Maharjan

Junior Content Writer

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Writer, Videographer, Editor and Student, Umesh is an all-rounder of E-Nepsters team. His love and enthusiasm for technology have made him an avid gadget collector and a fresh new writer at E-Nepsters.

Praman Joshi

Junior Content Writer

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A frantic but passionate gamer, Praman developed a love toward games ever since he played Road Rash for the first time.

Bipin Dhimal

Junior Content Writer

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A gadget lover and tech enthusiast in general.