DJI Spark now available in Nepal

DJI Spark

Starck Tech, the subsidiary of Jyoti Group Nepal, and the official distributor of DJI products in Nepal has gone on to unveil the new DJI Spark in Nepal. The drone can be purchased for Rs. 65,000, while the combo pack will go on sale for Rs. 85,000 in Nepal. In case you are wondering, the combo pack includes a set of propellers, propeller guards, a remote control, and other essential equipment for longer flights, though, these things are absent from the non-combo pack. The drone can be (pre)ordered from Oliz Store in Nepal.

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DJI SparkDespite being the smallest and lightest drone from the company, the DJI Spark packs plethoras of features, which can be recalled as the best in the business, at least in this form factor. The drone comes with a 12MP 1/2.3″ sensor with an 81.9-degree field of view and an aperture rate of f/2.6 capable of producing images with 3,968 x 2,976 resolution. It shoots 1080p videos at 30fps with a bitrate of 24Mbps, while the gimbal uses a two-axis mechanical stabilization.

If in case you purchase the combo pack with the remote(which you should), the remote is capable of transmitting the real-time footage at 720p from up to 2KM of distance. Regardless of that, the drone can also be controlled through your Android or iOS devices, whilst it is also capable of following the gesture of your hand; the first of its kind in any drone. What’s interesting is that you can send the drone up, capture images and call it back to your place — this all can be done through hand gestures.

DJI Spark

Weighing just 300g, the drone can fly with up to 50km/h of maximum speed, whereas the 1,500mAh battery present in the drone will provide you the flying time of utmost 15-16 minutes. For more information about the drone, visit DJI’s official website. So, what do you think about the new DJI Spark? Are you willing to spend 65,000 on this drone or just pass it? Let us know your thoughts on the comment box below.


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