Nepal Telecom announces WOW Time app with 130 channels

WOW Time

The state-owned telecommunication giant; Nepal Telecom has officially announced its new IPTV app; WOW Time in Nepal, thanks to a partnership between the company and Win TV Nepal.

The app lets you browse through 130 channels — including Nepali, Hindi, and English channels — from your smartphone. Bear in mind though, the app needs to be connected to the internet, while only pre-paid and post-paid users of the telecom are allowed for registration.

WOW Time

Though you can currently browse through all the channels for free for a month, later on, you will be charged a certain amount for a specific channel with future updates.

The app is available both for both Android and iOS handset and can be initiated by the following method.

  • Download the app from Google Play Store or App Store
  • Select your desired option
  • After selection, a registration form shall pop up; enter your basic information and your mobile number; the PIN code will be sent to your number
  • Enter the code and enjoy the Live TV/ Movies.

It’s clear that WOW Time will go head to head against other players in the market, most noticeably, NetTV and ClearTV; nonetheless, the healthy competition between the companies will always prove to be beneficial for users like us.


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